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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Hi, seem this my new born blog and my first post. Sadly my daddy forgot to bring his memory card reader to home so I can't show you my pretty look. Opps forgot to intro myself, my name is Sugar and d.o.b is 09.08.2006. My daddy and mummy just take me home yesterday from Uncle Jeff. Uncle Jeff is the person who taking care of me since I born to this world and I heard that Uncle Jeff bring me down all the way from Ipoh. I saw many brothers and sisters when I got back home yesterday, where I been introduce by my mummy. They see me like a stranger to them espeacially YoYo and JackJack, they seem not happy when i try to play with them but I hope they will accept me on future. Since I still small my daddy and mummy won't let me out from the cage for long time as they scare me infected by virusss or some kind of alien thing that I dun understand. They say that thing very scarry, will eat my flesh so I have to lock in that big box....
Ermmmm think it's late lor or can be say morning, hehe so that's all for my story today...


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