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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Playing with bear

Today was another boring day, what can do as my mummy say I need to be stay at room until get my 3rd injection. Can't wait for that day, so i can go for an outdoor activity yAhOoooo.
I found something to play with at the room, the "Bear"... Here some picture to share, taken by daddy while I'm playing...

Come on Corporal Bill pls don't die, we still got enemy to kill... wake up!

Sergeant Gates come help me do the CPR... We must save Bill, he's the only 1 know how to drive the tank... don't make me walk home

Yes? Wat you trying to say.. can you speak louder? Come on tell me how to drive that thing before your last word.

Commander look like we got 1 man down... Pls send some tank's driver down.


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